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The large output of corn on the cob is high, potassium sulfa

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Corn is an important food crop. The planting area in China is very high. To increase the yield of corn, we must not only choose good hybrids, but also must cooperate with high-yielding cultivation measures. Reasonable fertilization is one of its important links. Due to the single application of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers in the past ten years or so, it has led to insufficient potassium supply in the soil, which has caused the corn output to hover, and even showed a downward trend. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the application of potassium fertilizer and use it in combination with nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers to make the corn output large Increase in amplitude.
Potassium is one of the three elements of fertilizers. Potassium in plants generally accounts for 0.2% to 4.1% of dry matter weight, second only to nitrogen. Potassium is involved in the activation of more than 60 enzyme systems, photosynthesis, transportation of assimilation products, carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis during plant growth and development. Potassium is an indispensable substance for corn and other crops. Corn wants to improve quality and increase yields without potash fertilizer. Adding potassium fertilizer to corn is conducive to strong seedlings and early growth, strong plants and big ears, improved grain-leaf ratio Increasing the number and weight of grains is an important condition for improving the quality of the group.