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Potassium sulfate: the demand is supported

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After the signing of the potash fertilizer contract, domestic potassium chloride production and distribution companies have adjusted their prices, and the market price has fallen. The price of the big contract is equivalent to 60% of the domestic cost of red powder at about 1850 yuan / ton, and the current low-end market has fallen The price of 1800. Affected by this, the price of potassium sulfate has also dropped slightly, but this drop is only the part of the cost drop, and its own profit has only been somewhat compressed.
Spring market conditions are better, and there is no pressure on inventory. Although the performance of the potassium sulfate market is not good at the end of 2019, the overall fertilizer market is good this spring. Because the industry operating rate in February was very low, during which the Mannheim industry operating rate once fell below 40%, and then the low operating rate was happily released when the demand was concentrated, not only the inventory was quickly digested, but many manufacturers ’order plans were successively arranged. In the early to mid-April, a small number of them were arranged around the end of April. Although the market gradually faded later, the inventories of manufacturers have just begun to increase, and there is no pressure for the time being.
Export market demand is expected. Due to the impact of the epidemic, China ’s potassium sulfate export experienced the initial worries and wait-and-see. At present, the situation is generally acceptable. The quantity is small but the orders are constant. Although the price has dropped, it is basically the same as the domestic level. , The domestic market may be a big support. Although it is a relatively low season, the demand for water-soluble potassium sulfate in the summer market is still expected. And insisting on June, another year's tobacco tendering market started again, which will add new support to the potassium sulfate market.
However, potassium sulfate manufacturers also need to pay attention: the operating rate of the Mannheim industry has returned to the high level of 70% in recent years, and there may be new production capacity in the future; future demand under the influence of public health events, including exports, It is not entirely possible to make assumptions according to common sense; the general environment of the fertilizer market is not ideal, and it is also necessary for potassium sulfate manufacturers to be in trouble.