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Which is the strongest potassium sulfate fertilizer in Tianj

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In Tianjin, planting melons and fruits is the choice of most growers, with a long crop maturity period, high yield, and high returns. Growers ** are more concerned about choosing fertilizers. So, which Tianjin potassium sulfate fertilizer is strong? A real case tells you that Tengchuang Potassium Sulphate Fertilizer is worth having!
【Effect of melon melon after using Tengchuang potassium sulfate fertilizer】
Location: Dahuangwa Village, Yanzhuang Town, Jinghai County, Tianjin
Crops: Melon
Effect: Locally grown large-scale household bottom fertilizers use Tengchuang potassium sulfate fertilizer, top dressing uses 51% (17-17-17) red tower nitrate sulfur base, after 7-10 days of drip irrigation or spraying liquid suspension water soluble fertilizer, The melon products are in good condition, the fruits and melons are regular, the sweetness is high, the maturity is early, the market is early, and the output is high. The big growers said with a smile that the harvest was so good, and Tengchuang potassium sulfate fertilizer was also used in the coming year.